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Programme Information

Q: What is the overview of the UN System Executive Management Programme?

A: In the Introduction page of the Orientation Module, general information of the Programme is provided, including the Course Flyer.

Q: Who are the instructors?

A: The teaching team includes high-profile professors from all over the world. The bios of the instructors can be found here.

Q: How does it work the Online Forum?

A: The Online Forum is a safe space where you can post your answers and comment on both Online Moderators and other Participants. Please use this guideline for further reference. 

Q: What is the time for weekly Webinar session?

A: The Webinar takes place on a Weekly basis and the time and day is indicated for each course. The login information can be found on 'Weekly Webinar' page of each module. For the information of WebEx, please check the session below.

Q: Other than the Webinars do we have any fixed scheduled activities?

A: No. Understanding your busy schedules, the Webinar is the only regularly scheduled activity. The Online Moderators will be periodically engaging in the online forum, so be sure to check back and engage.

Q: What is the language used for the questions in the 360° process? 

A: The questions are available in English, French, and Spanish. 

Q: Can the 360° raters (who you have worked with) be from other organisations? 

A: Yes, this is fine. 

Q: Could you tell me about the minimum number of raters?

A: The more raters you include in your 360° Assessment, the more comprehensive understanding of yourself as a manager or leader you will be able to gain. We would suggest a minimum of 8-10 raters.

Q: How can I catch up if I have missed a couple of weeks’ courses?

A: We would suggest that you start by following the current week first, then go backwards to previous modules backwards. 

Q: If I cannot complete the online sessions by December, would I be able to graduate?

A: No. We understand that you may be busier some weeks than others. So we allow you to make up for the online sessions before the face-to-face session starts! But if you are unable to catch up, unfortunately you cannot receive the final Certificate of Completion of the whole programme.

Q: What should I do if I encounter a technical problem?

A: In the following there are common problems with Moodle and WebEx. Whenever you encounter a problem, please email us with as much details as possible, and the best way to do this is to send us the screenshots once there is something wrong.

Tutorials on Moodle

Q: How can I use the platform?

A: Please click here to find the tutorial on Moodle. 

Q: How can I track my learning progress?

A: For each activity, you may either manually check it, or complete certain tasks so that the system could automatically check it for you. Once an activity is checked, there is a check mark inside the small circle behind the specific task.

Q: How can I know what activity is missing so that I cannot generate a badge for the week?

A: On the 'Feedback & Completion' page of each module, there is a list of required tasks for completing the module. Click on them and make sure they are checked (meaning that you have completed this task), then you will receive the badge for completion.  

Q: How could I submit a file or an assignment to Moodle submission box?

A: Please click here to find the tutorial on it.

Q: My name (or other information) in Moodle is wrong, so the certificate is wrong. What shall I do?

A: You may change it in your Moodle Profile page, or send an email to us about the issue.

Tutorials on WebEx

Q: How can I login to the session on WebEx?

A: Please click here to find the tutorial on it.

Q: How do I connect to WebEx and use computer for video and audio?

A: Please click here to find the tutorial on it.

Q: How do I connect to Webex and use mobile devices for video and audio?

A: Follow the same link to 'join the online event' as for using computer, you will be automatically led to app store; after downloading the app, you will be asked to type in name and password to get in to the event window; then follow the pop-up reminder to 'call', you will be able to connect the audio. Please be reminded that in the mobile devices, maybe only one box (e.g. main box, chat box, participants box, etc.) will show.

Q: How do I connect to WebEx audio by using a toll-free phone number? 

A: Please click here to find the tutorial on it.

Q: How could I use the tools for interaction in WebEx?

A: Please click here to find the tutorial on it.

Q: What shall I do if I cannot hear the presenter, but the video works well?

A: There may be a connection issue sometimes. We would suggest to try to connect with another device (computer or mobile device), and reconnect the previous one. 

Q: What if I missed the Webinar session?

A: We will upload the video recording on or before the following day of the session on 'Webinars' page.

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